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Will opting in for a pass/fail grading system cause me to get an acceptance rescinded?

My school is giving the option of replacing a grade (A-D) with a "P" option (pass) and replacing an F with a "NC" option (no credit). We can apply this choice to any number of classes that we want and will appear as a P/NC on the transcript. Will opting in for this pass/no-pass option for my classes affect the chances of an offer of admission being rescinded?

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3 years ago

Since you are asking about having an acceptance from a university rescinded, I will assume that you are a second-semester senior and have been admitted into a university. Congratulations! :)

COVID-19 has definitely caused a lot of academic challenges for high schoolers and I am sure your situation is no exception. Since you are a senior and have been admitted into a university, I will say that taking the pass/fail option will have no impact on the chance of your application being rescinded by a University. This is because University recognize the impacts of COVID on student mental health and the added stress of high school academics. But make sure you pass all of your classes!

That being said, for any readers who are freshman, sophomores and juniors, it will be helpful for you all to continue being assessed in a grade-system. This is for many reasons, including proper assessment of academic abilities in the classroom by admissions officers. Unfortunately having a pass an advanced level class is too vague, and will not stand out against another applicant who has an A in the same type of class.

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