8 months ago
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Can I submit a scholarship essay for review on Collegevine?

I've never really applied for a proper scholarship with essays. Now that I'm getting started, I would like to post my essays here but I'm not sure if that's allowed because in the submission section it asks for which school you are writing the essay for.


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8 months ago

Yes you can! It's 100% allowed, and there's even a button for it. In the submission section, you just have to click "Manually enter your prompt," then options will come out for non-college essays. You're even allowed to have essays for school assignments reviewed here (if your school allows it, that is). You might want to specify in the "specific reviewer feedback" section what the essay is for because the reviewer can't always see which box you checked. Just add a note there saying "This essay is for so-and-so scholarship" and you can also say there specifically what the scholarship reviewers are looking for and what you want comments on the most. I hope this helped!


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