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03/29/2020 at 04:22PM
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Any college suggestions for these majors and how to get scholarships?

Hi! I am a sophomore in high school, and I'm having a lot of trouble deciding my major, and what colleges I should apply to. I'm really interested when it comes to majoring in law, education, engineering, or performing arts. I am particularly interested in law and education, but I can't figure out which schools to apply to, or even where to begin looking. I would also love any advice on how to get scholarships, anything helps! My GPA is fairly high, my test score for the PSAT was a 1020, and I'm starting to join a lot more extracurriculars. I've been taking SAT and ACT practice courses in order to help raise my score. I'm planning on taking extra classes at a college campus near me next year in order to boost my credits as well. Thank you!

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03/29/2020 at 09:48PM

have a look at roundpier, good extracurricular platform as well as allows you to see what your peers are up to

03/30/2020 at 10:57PM

You may want to look at colleges that are nearby first if you live in a more populated state with better opportunities. Frankly, tuition costs (which are significantly higher for out of state students) are generally a large concern for everyone. Otherwise, as someone who also recently applied to several colleges for engineering, I'd recommend looking into Texas schools such as UT Austin and Texas A&M. Though without knowing your gpa, I wouldn't be able to say if they're a good fit.

03/30/2020 at 05:48PM

This does depend on what region you live in but look for prelaw/law and education department honors such as Organization X which is a big think in Field Y rates it in top 20 or something similar then with that knowledge try to find a school tht fits style find multiple of them then research their scholarships. For law and education id try small liberal arts colleges or big flagship universities really depends on what you want hope this helps

Granted rankings arent the best indicator so you may want to just google colleges near me.


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