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what is the average GPA to get in to acting school and what is the average GPA to get in director school

im in tenth grade that want to help his family out


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So in your previous question you asked what are the best acting schools and you indicated that you are applying, now you are asking more questions on behalf of someone else? So which is it?

If you you or your friend are applying to a fully accredited B.A. degree program whether it is a Research University like YALE or CMU, a LAC Liberal Arts College like the Julliard School, or a small conservatory/guild that like AMDA in NYC, you will have to do your own research to see what the application requirements are for each individual school and see if there are unique or supplemental requirements for being a dramatic arts major. There is no such thing as an average GPA to get into college.

What I can inform you is that each university or college has different ranges of GPA depending on what major you are declaring. So for example at CMU, the GPA (that is UNWEIGHTED) is slightly lower for the School of Fine Arts at 3.77 UWGPA versus the Business School 3.88 or the College of Humanities 3.87. And the middle 50% range of SAT and ACT scores is ever slightly lower at SAT 1430-1510 / 33-34 ACT versus 1520-1560 / 34-35 and 1530-1570 / 34-35. See the link below for the breakdown of the Class of 2024.


So in general based on the list I previously gave you, schools like YALE, COLUMBIA, BROWN, will be harder to get into than CMU and have higher average GPAs and schools like USC, UCLA, UCSD will be easier to get into than CMU and have slightly lower GPAs and standardized test scores.

Since you and your friend are in 10th grade, no one knows right now if standardized tests will be optional or not so its better to err on the side of caution and prepare to take them. The only school system that has made a pledge to keep test scores optional is the UC system in CA.

The bottom line is that you still have to be a excellent student to get into a top school and the only leeway you'll get when applying to some programs is that they will expect to see evidence of dramatic arts under your extracurricular activities such as; a.) Lead in school play 3 years in a row, b.) President of Drama Club, c.) State finalist in talent show d.) Core Member of Comedy Troupe versus clubs like Girls who Code, Intel Science Fair Finalist, Science Bowl finalist etc. And you don't have to load up on STEM AP Classes or IB Coursework because it's not in alignment with your passion or focus.

Also keep in mind that there are literally hundreds of small private acting and film-making schools in the US you can attend that are not degree programs where the admission is strictly based on talent versus academic merit. You will find the best ones in the major entertainment capitals of the US in Los Angeles and NYC mostly. Either myself or CollegeVine is really not the place to search or ask about those type of schools because the focus here is say the top 600 out of 5300 accredited 4 year degree programs.

Good luck.

7 months ago

First you need to choose a specific school and find out what the average score is. Because they are different.

a year ago

This really depends on what school. Average GPA varies per institution. The best way to find out is to first create a list of acting or directing schools that the student wants to get into (consider the fit over the ranking - students have different preferences for location, size, teaching style, etc. and these should take precedent over ranking). College Vine can really help with this step, though I'm not sure if they have as many acting or directing schools as they have regular colleges and universities. Once you've formed this list, then you can just Google [ name of school average GPA ], and the search results should get you all the information you need. I hope this was helpful!


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