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How chronically acceptance rate drops for an international Undecided undergrad asking for a hefty financial aid ?

I know that the acceptance rate for international students asking for hefty financial aid is chronically low, Top of that, I'm wildly undecided, Many current students told me that I should go for an intended major because universities won't be able to visualize my place while reading the application and hefty financial aid is also a big turn off, But I don't really want to because my interests are not concrete but I'm genuinely trying my best to piece together my current interests and give a coherent theme to my application, Can applying Undecided be major risk compared to a major? what are some concrete things I should mention in my application that will convince universities that I'm not a " jack of all trade, master of none" but indeed a " millions in one"?

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@DebaterMAX3 years ago

What schools are you interested in? Selective schools will have a noticeable drop-off while schools that accept over 70% will still accept you fairly often. The ones in the 50%s depend on school. Also, look at need-blind schools. As for the last question that's what essays are for. :-)

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Thanks @DebaterMAX , As I need a ful ride , most of the schools are cutthroat competitive , I actually emailed Northwestern's admission officer, what she told that the acceptance rate was around ~4% , And a current international student said that you need to be satright As , 10 APs , 10 ECs but one of my another friend who got into conrnell belonged to a really low background and just 2 ECs and maintained GPA , Undoubtedly the way offices gauge your profile is relative to each person

@DebaterMAX3 years ago

The thing is its not the quantity but the quality of ECs. Also personal circumstances do playa more significant role the more selective you get. Check out the CV blog on international full aid schools.

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3 years ago

@Nikjil979 I don't know if this would be classified as an answer to your question, but I will try my possible best to do what I can. Colleges will understand your situation. You are not the first international student they have encountered and you will not be the last. When writing your college application essay, be natural and don't pad it (don't add information of who you are not). They love to see people with potential. Tell them what you accomplished in the country you came from. Tell them what you have been able to do in the United States (if you have none, it's okay- they understand). They don't want to hear great idioms, expressions, or quotes; they want to know who you are. Every application process is to know who you are. In terms of your major, where does your passion truly lie? You know you can choose a major now and switch it if you do not need it later on. The only disadvantage is that it would cost you a lot of money. If you get a full-ride then great. If you want to go to college undecided then fine. But I would advise you to choose a major, one related to your passion. Hope this helps

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