9 months ago
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To Graduate, do I need to take both SAT and ACT?

I am a Junior and I already have required credits to pass (I took a virtual class so I had like 7 classes) and graduate in my Senior year.

I heard about taking the SAT to continue; then heard about the ACT and that was when I got stuck. I needed to see if we need to take both and I cannot reach my counselor at the moment until next week.

I want to be able to graduate with no problems or anything pulling me back.

Thank you in advance.


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9 months ago

High schools don't usually require the SAT or the ACT to graduate, and I think that would be really unusual if they did. However, you should still try reaching out to your counselor if you think your school might have this regulation. That said, the SAT and the ACT are mainly for college applications and not for high school graduation. They're just integrated into many high school systems so that it's easier for students to take the tests. Hope this helped!

9 months ago[edited]

As far as I know, the SAT nor the ACT is a requirement for graduation. Schools usually encourage you to take either one or both of them so you can apply to colleges with it but I've never heard of it being a requirement to graduate. I'd still see your counselor just in case it's a thing with your school but I wouldn't worry too much.


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