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Hello, I am a sophomore in high school. I am not worried about my GPA, nor my SAT scores, but I am wondering what I can do for my extracurriculars? I am trying to become a Premed. I started a podcast where interview different professionals from many different career paths, I am in the middle of starting a biology club at my school, I work a few hours a week at a homeless shelter, where I prepare food, I am in the marching band, I am in the off-season colorguard. I am wondering what else I can do to boost up my extracurricular profile.

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Honestly, your extracurricular profile is really good. I would recommend focusing on the biology club since you want to study pre-med. If you can get students involved and do a lot with that, it will be more impressive than having a million extracurriculars that you're only a little involved in. Just some ideas for more things to do with the club, you could do different biology labs, you could invite a biology professor from a local college to call in and talk about their job and what they've been researching, you could have students in the club create presentations about interesting new biology topics and then discuss them (ex. GMOs, the RNA vaccine, etc.).

Your podcast is another good thing to focus on. If you can grow the engagement and popularity of that, it shows your dedication to your hobbies and things you enjoy, while also helping people who listen to it learn about those professionals and their career paths. You can also track how many listeners your podcast has, showing measurable impact. Some ways to grow it could be creating social media accounts with updates about the podcast, and making it available on popular podcast apps like Spotify and Apple music.

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