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How does UC's A-G requirements work?

I am a junior living in Georgia, however, I plan to go to a UC for college. As I was viewing the requirements I noticed the A-G requirements which notes which courses are required in order for admissions. I also noticed that you could take SAT subject tests in place of the classes needed for the requirement. My question is that if you had a more notable SAT subject score rather than your actual grade for a specific course/class could you report that rather than the course? Or could you report both to make you look better? Or is only one able to be reported? Thank you in advance :)


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In your last question, you had asked "When should I take the SAT?"

I want to let you know (as you might already know) that the UC's are test-optional and they won't even look at your scores that you submit. https://admission.universityofcalifornia.edu/admission-requirements/freshman-requirements/exam-requirement/

Another thing is that all UC's will be test-optional through 2022 and will be test blind till 2024. https://www.universityofcalifornia.edu/press-room/university-california-board-regents-approves-changes-standardized-testing-requirement And you don't get to choose which courses you report (if that's what you are getting at- you must report all courses which fall under the A-G course list from your 10th to 11th grade. Subject tests are good, but your school work matters more to the AO's. Take subject tests if you want, with respect to what major you apply for, but they are optional as well. I would focus more on AP test scores to send to the college instead as it might have more weight on them if you score a 3 and above within the class that you took. This will confirm that you really did understand the material in the class and you did not finesse your way through, (if ykyk).

So, basically, an SAT or SAT subject test may not help you in any way (for sure not the SAT as aforementioned).

I hope this helps, and comment for any clarifications.

I've also applied to the UC system ;)

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