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Hi, I am currently a high school sophomore and I am trying to figure out my extracurriculars for the rest of high school. My dream schools are many in NYC, like NYU, Columbia, and Barnard, and other colleges like Georgetown and Yale. I want to major in political science and possibly journalism.

For my extracurriculars, I currently have

-student director for musical

-actor in our school's play

-science bowl

-french club

-President + founder of our school's Young Dem Club

-secretary of speech and debate

-involved in a few organizations.

-honor + science honor society

I also want to start a book club in my school and get involved with a trivia show we have.

Over the summer, I am definitely going to be getting a job. I want to keep my extracurriculars because I enjoy all of them, however, I know colleges like when you have spikes in your subjects instead of being the well-rounded student with things everywhere. Does anyone have ideas for extracurriculars I can get involved with for political science, especially over the summer? Thank you.


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That's awesome that you're the president and founder of the Young Dem Club at your school! A great thing for someone who wants to study political science. I would recommend focusing on growing that club. Contact the politicians in your local community and see if they would want to do a zoom call or an interview with the club. See if you can help fundraise or cold call for politicians, locally or more on the national scale. Get involved with other Dem clubs in your larger community. Pick a topic for the club to advocate for and do events or projects related to that. See if there is any specific legislation you want to 'lobby' for to your local/state politicians and if there is an event to do that at or if you can get one on one meetings with them. There are so many more great ideas online!

I also think speech and debate is a great extracurricular for people interested in political science. If you compete through that club, see if you can compete for state and national level awards.

As for other extracurriculars related to political science, you could personally help local politicians campaign for reelection, as they usually have tons of volunteers helping with their campaigns, or join a Get Out The Vote campaign. Sometimes politicians are looking for interns, so you could see if any local ones want a summer intern. You could also start a political blog where you could write opinion articles on current news, teach and explain political concepts, and even publish possible interviews with local/state politicians. Local newspapers sometimes have people from the community write articles, so you could reach out and see if any newspaper would be interested in having you write something for them. Here's an article from CollegeVine with some more extracurricular activity ideas https://blog.collegevine.com/extracurriculars-for-high-schoolers-interested-in-studying-political-science/

3 years ago

Do less with sciene and more with politics and writing.

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