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β€’ 01/15/2021 at 07:03PM

Will admission officers consider that no AP/IB courses are offered in my school?

I am a current junior and I want to ask , if admission officers will consider the above said information. Most people advice to take private tests but even the nearest test center is approximately 600 kms away from my home. Should I mention these details in my application? Will they consider it?

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β€’ 01/15/2021 at 07:08PM

So AOs absolutely consider that. Your counselor should send a brochure-like thing to schools and in that it will highely likely include courses offered. But they will look for rigor such as honors or advanced classes. But if your school doesn't offer them its the same as no APs.

From my understanding Admission officers will see yo had no opportunity for rigor then essentially nullify that data point likely causing more weight to be put on GPA and other academic metrics such as ACT/SAT and rec-letters.

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@DebaterMAX01/15/2021 at 07:09PM

Thats also why the collegevine chancing engine has an option to say how many APs are offered.

[🎀 AUTHOR]@k12301/15/2021 at 07:10PM [edited]

@DebaterMAX I did that but still it shows improvement notification in most colleges even though my gpa is 4.0

@DebaterMAX01/15/2021 at 07:12PM

That's probably college vines algorithm not considering that. Also, there are other academic metrics besides GPA.

@DebaterMAX01/15/2021 at 07:13PM

If you want clarification regarding the chancing email