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I accidentally submitted low test scores to a test optional school!

I was reviewing the PDF of my common app after I submitted, and for one school it reports my ACT scores when I meant to apply without them, and for another school where I was above the average score and meant to send in my scores it says "There are no test scores to report". I don't remember what I chose for the question where it asks if I want to include my scores or not, so if I call/email the admissions office will it affect me negatively? I'm just afraid they'll get the wrong impression that I'm irresponsible/forgetful. Should I email them and ask if they received my scores?

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@swazzy.k3 years ago

You should have left the scores section blank on the Common App regardless of whether you are submitting a test score or not... by doing this you can later go into the Application tracker and self-report (if they allow). I think the only benefit you get from reporting the actual score in the Common App and not the application is that you don't have to send in an official score report even if it asks you to- I may be wrong though.

Just be more careful next time!

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3 years ago

Just email them, if you accidentally sent really low test scores that would probably affect the application more drastically than sending the email would... most officers won't even remember that when they get to looking at your app. Don't worry:)

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