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01/16/2021 at 04:29PM

Has anyone experienced a delay with essay review?

So I submitted an essay on Thursday evening and it was projected to be done in 5-9 hours. I have since not received it (as of Saturday morning) despite reporting delays twice. Is this common?

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01/17/2021 at 02:27PM

There have been lots of delays in the past few days, though my essays have always been reviewed within 24 hours at the most (even if they're well beyond the projected time). Reporting delays doesn't really do anything besides get you back your Karma if you fast-tracked. It might also alert the College Vine staff, but there isn't much information to confirm that.

If it's really been that long, you can email the staff at I've reported issues with essay reviews (potential plagiarism and a purposefully unhelpful review where the person literally wrote nothing and tried to get free Karma) through that email address before and gotten really quick replies. They were super helpful and were even able to refund Karma when necessary. They should be able to resolve this.

One final idea is that you can review other people's essays to speed along the line. It's just kind of an intuitive solution that I thought of. If the delays are a result of no one reviewing essays, then maybe reviewing other people's essays will shorten the queue and therefore shorten the time it will take for your essay to make it to the top of the pile and finally get reviewed.

I hope this was helpful!

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01/19/2021 at 06:00PM

We're sorry to hear this, Max! Grace is right that there is sometimes a delay, especially at peak times around application deadlines, such as January 15. Have you received your essay feedback back yet? It not, we can definitely look into it for you!

[🎤 AUTHOR]@DebaterMAX01/19/2021 at 06:01PM

I have

01/16/2021 at 06:16PM[edited]

I have tried to do that once, but it did not happen to me. It could be a delay or just your WIFI connection might delay your work.

I had an issue on my school website just like this one and it did not accept my message when I tried to send it. It took forever to send to my teacher, but they fixed it. Also, it could be many people submitting their essays at the same time range. Since so many people are on CollegeVine, most of them could be online at that time and that can slow down a webpage.

I would recommend resetting your WIFI and if that does not work you can contact CollegeVine.

I hope this helped =)

Sorry if it did not...

[🎤 AUTHOR]@DebaterMAX01/16/2021 at 06:37PM

It submitted fine but it hasn't been reviewed.

@JustRipoolLuck701/16/2021 at 06:53PM

Oh, maybe contact them then. The essay might have been lost in there somewhere. Every time I refresh the page the previous essay I see disappears or gets lost.