11 months ago
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Do college interviews have an affect on your application?

I just had my Chapman interview. I categorize Chapman as a reach school, so I knew that I needed to ace my interview. After the interview, I felt very confident about it. I answered all the questions fluently, and I didn't get stumped by any of them. How much do you think my chances of admission will be improved by, since I think I "aced" my interview? Thank you.

@ceciliaparreiras11 months ago

hi! just for reference, whats your SAT and GPA? im also applying to Chapman

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11 months ago

Interviews are pretty good- but all they do is make sure they don't admit any jerks, or kids who won't be a good contribution. If you did well, congratulations! They now know that you will be beneficial to their campus. Getting an interview is more important than excelling in it- because they can't interview everyone, they only interview a select number of people; these are people they like and want to get a final validation that they like you. While it is far from a guarantee, that is certainly a boost in your favor!


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