9 months ago
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Why have I not gotten an interview?

So, I applied to some high ranking colleges (MIT, Stanford, Princeton) and I am waiting to get an interview. I am actually starting to get a bit concerned, as I have not been contacted about an interview. What are any possible reasons for this? Does this have a negative impact on my chances of admission?


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9 months ago

If you have not gotten an interview means they are having interviews with people that registered before you. Another possibility is because Covid-19 might cause things to slow down and maybe they are being cautious of what time is possible. This should not have any negative impact on your chances for admission. If it is over 2 - 3 weeks and if no one calls you...then you might want to give them a call about the problem.

I hoped this helped and good luck on your interview! =)

Sorry if this did not...


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