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Can I apply as an international student even if I began my first year ?

Hello, I'm a high school senior with a strong profile (acc. to collegevine)

However, I did not apply this year due to financial reason + I'm strengthening my profile (ECs and test scores)

I got accepted to a university in my country, but can I attend here and still apply as a freshman to the university in the US ?

And if i get accepted, I'll drop out here and join the US university ?

(I would consider a gap year, but I don't want to waste a year and perhaps get rejected)

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8 months ago

Short answer: no. If you've matriculated at any college, even a non-US college, that would make you a transfer student. The only exception to this rule would be high school students who go for dual enrollment, etc. However, if you go to any college as a freshman, that would mean you have to apply as a transfer if you want to go to other US universities.

I know it wasn't your question, but if financial aid is an issue for you, you can search for "Need-blind colleges that meet 100% demonstrated need" which means that all you have to do is get accepted, then the college will take care of finding a way to pay for whatever you can't afford. I know travel can also be a huge expense, so I understand your dilemma.

Ultimately, it's your choice whether you want to take that risk or not. It really depends on what US schools you'll be aiming for. Some schools (like UCSD) really, really like transfers, while other schools (like Harvard) accept very few transfers. Do your research and find out about the policies of the US universities you want to apply for, especially with regard to transfer students. I hope this helped!


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