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How much can I bump up my GPA in one semester, and how much can I bump it up in one year?

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3 years ago

The Formula to figure this out for any GPA is the following:

((CurrentGPA)(#Semesters)+(FutureGPA)(#Semesters))/Total Semesters

So if you have a 3.5712 and you have 5 semesters of HS grades and you are confident you can get a 3.87 GPA for the next 2 semesters you would plug these numbers into the formula.

((3.5712)(5)+(3.87)(2))/7 = 3.657 GPA after 7 semeters.

I'm sharing this for anyone who is in 9th, 10th, 11th, and 12th grade because you can use this as a planning tool.

Keep in mind that if you are in 9th and 10th grade you can create more of an upward trend with your grades as well as your course rigor. If you are in 12th grade and have only 1 semester left, well, there is very little that you can do at this point in your high school career.

For 10th graders:

So if you have a 3.5712 and you have takes 3 semesters of HS and you are confident you can get a 4.00 GPA for the next 5 semesters you would plug in these numbers into the formula.

((3.5712)(3)+(4,00)(5))/8 = 3.884 GPA after 8 semeters.

Hope that is clear and helpful for everyone.

3 years ago

So in an unweighted system (using 4.0 scale) you can find how much you can increase in a semster by using the formula (current GPAnumber of semesters + 4)/(number of semesters +1). If you want to see it in a year add 8 not 4 and add 2 instead of 1.

For example, if you have a 3.0 GPA with 2 semesters taken its


You'd get a 3.33 GPA and after a year it is 3.5.

Hope this helps and feel free to ask for clarification.

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