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How do I calculate my unweighted and weighted GPA?

I am confused as to how I am supposed to calculate my GPA on a 4.0 scale. My school calculates GPA based on percent so my unweighted shows as 92.289 and 95.053 weighted. Based on the 100 scale to 4.0 scale converter, I should have a 3.7 unweighted and a 4.0 weighted, however, when I used an online GPA calculator I received a 4.02 unweighted and 4.2 weighted. Am I supposed to remove the 7 points that are added to my honors classes when calculating unweighted? To my understanding, each A is 4 points and B is 3, how does it work for honors/AP? I'm just a bit confused, I'm not used to the 4.0 scale.


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8 months ago

According to CollegeVine and other sites that have similar posts about % GPA conversion, your 92.29 is a 3.7 UWGPA and your 95.05 is a 4.0 WGPA.

You would not have a Weighted GPA above 4.0 unless your weighted percentile was above 100.00 because 100.00 is a perfect 4.0.


Keep in mind the following:

1. Some schools in the US give 6 points for an IB, others give 5 Points (any of the 15+ IB courses)

2. Some schools in the US give 5 points for an AP, others give 4.5, or a max of 4.0 (any of the 20+ AP courses)

3. Some school give 5 points for a honors, while others give 4.5 or a max of 4.0 - (e.g Honor's English or Pre-Calculus often fall into those categories)

So you want to read the article thoroughly if you have a mish-mash of honors, APs, IBS, and regular classes because they all may have different weights.

5.0 is the most common weight given for an A in an AP, IB or honors class.

It is for this very reason, most US colleges only care about the UWGPA, not the WGPA. Your 3.7 is what matters most to them and it's a low A average which we can all agree upon.

Hope that helps.

8 months ago

So assuming your school uses the 10pt grading scale (90+=A 80-90=B et cetera). The formula for gpa is all As are worth 4 points all abs are worth 3 et cetera. Then you add up all of the points then divide by number of classes (assuming all classes have equal weight). Honors you add +.5 per honors class and plus 1 for each AP class.

So 4 As 4Bs is a UW of 3.5. But if 0 are honors and 4 are AP. That’s a 4.0 WGPA.

Hope this helps and feel free to comment if you’s like clarification as I’d be more than happy to help!


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