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Safety Schools for Journalism and English

Hi! I'm planning on applying to some colleges in the USA by March, as a transfer student. I want to do a bachelors in either English/Journalism - with one or the other being the major/minor.

So far I have some schools I want to apply to with my 3.8 college GPA, but to be safe of course, I would like some recommendations for safety schools for these courses if any of you know some!

I would really appreciate it if you could give me some recommendations.

Thank you!


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9 months ago

So I suppport graces answer but I want to mention some links




Generally, if they have over a 65% admit rate it would be a safety but Id like to Highlight Mizzou (Univ of Missouri).

9 months ago

You will find these links useful:




I would recommend the following colleges that have both majors:


Columbia University


U Penn


Syracuse University

U Mich

Boston University


Wake Forest

Good Luck

9 months ago

Hi, thank you for asking your question! I'd like to endorse all the wonderful previous answers. The best way is to use a search databases that you can filter based on your college preferences as well as admissions chances (calculated using your grades, standardized test scores, EC's, etc.). As @gracecatan mentioned, the CollegeVine college search tool is a great place to start! (~absolutely~ no bias here ;) haha).

Another thing I will add is to look for schools that have high transfer acceptance rates. These will be harder to find given that most schools' transfer acceptance rates are lower than traditional student acceptance rates. By looking for higher-transfer rate schools, you will increase your chances of getting admitted. Finally, I wouldn't necessarily categorize schools as "safety schools" because you are a transfer student and the chances of admission are lower than they would be for a traditional applicant.

Best of luck! And thank you everyone for the great links and advice.

9 months ago

Hi! You can easily use College Vine's college search tool. First, fill out your chancing profile by hovering over your account icon, then clicking "Chancing profile." Enter all your information so the chancing engine can work it's magic. Then, use the "Find Schools" function. Click: Schools --> Find schools --> Input all the criteria you want out of a school (Major, size, student:faculty ratio, etc.) and check "Safety" under "Admissions Difficulty" to see your safety schools. You can also just click this link to go to the "Find schools" page: https://www.collegevine.com/schools/hub/all/canvas then input your desired criteria. Once you have a list, make sure to check their policies on transfer students, as different schools will treat transfers differently. If anyone else knows specific schools that are really good for English/journalism to help @lapoozle out, feel free to add them as your own answer or as a comment here. I hope this helped!


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