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I'm a Junior and have a few questions.

Where can I get help practicing for the SAT and Act? I have taken a few practice SATs however don't usually get past 900.

I usually have a full schedule but I can only have 4 courses since my school offers a part time vocational school. How could I get better chances with few courses?

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11 months ago

For the SAT, I would suggest:

-Khan Academy. This one is a lifesaver. Khan Academy partners with the College Board to offer test-like exercises. Also, it recommends what types of exercises you need to focus on the most, and updates this after each test on the site you take. Best of all, it's free.

-SAT Black Book. This teaches you some strategies to use when taking SAT Test, and it also shows the kind of mindset to have when approaching it. You can find a free copy online by searching "sat black book pdf free"

-SAT Study Guide. This also contains questions from the actual test on specific parts of the SAT. Get this if you can afford it.

-Youtube. There are a plethora of helpful videos about the SAT from college advisors and students who have taken the SAT. I suggest using these tips.

-Study and practice often. Do exercises everyday and a test every week (preferably Saturday).

I haven't taken the ACT, but I think some of the tips above can be applied here. You can also find articles and videos online for tips on both tips. Hope this helps.

11 months ago

There are tons of practicing things online. My number 1 recommendation- Khan Academy. There are free practice questions, that have been modified specifically for you and they help you work on your weaknesses. Another recommendation- Prepscholar. Although they cost money, they have been proven that you WILL improve nearly 200 points- if you don't, you get your money back. Good luck!


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