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Moving to a different country in the middle of the school year

With covid being a thing I was already missing out on a lot of things that I was planning to do. Then my entire family moved to a different country and I am now doing online school. I was doing IB diploma but now I will have no higher level classes. My GPA is really good but I am not sure if I will be taking the SAT/ACT. If I write compelling essays will I still be able to get into a good college even with my missed opportunities?


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11 months ago

Hi, thank you for asking your question! I agree 100% with what @gracecatan had to say. This is because they recognize that moving to a new country and new school system may not have that dramatic of an effect on your admissions chances. As mentioned in the earlier responses, it is important for you to note your moving schools and the impact it has had on your schooling in either the essay or additional information section. If you are writing a story on this (such as an emotional tell-all or coming-of-age-esque tale), it can go in the essay section. If you are just explaining the circumstances of the move and its impact on your education, it belongs in the additional information section.

Another thing to note is that as long as you maintain your stellar GPA and keep up with some extracurriculars that you have started (for continuity sake) then your application will look strong as is. Not taking the SAT/ACT is a personal choice, and in your situation you may not be able to, however we recommend at least trying to take it if your GPA and extracurriculars are not on par with being a highly competitive applicant at your schools of choice. You can judge this better for yourself by using our chancing engine or looking into our blogs specific to the schools you want to apply to.

Finally, I will say that your application is in your hands! I wouldn't let a move to a new country affect your chances of getting into your dream school. You have a lot of potential I am sure that will show on your application and not be hindered by moving to a new school system. Best of luck! Keep at it:)

11 months ago

Short answer: yes. It's definitely still possible because colleges will almost always consider your circumstances when reviewing your application. Just make sure you take the time to explain that you moved in the middle of the year and the IB program became unavailable (in the essay or in the additional information section) and show that you're still using your time well (taking online courses, creating something, helping your community in some way, etc.). While the life change affected your school situation in a very understandable way, make sure it's clear that you aren't using it as an excuse to do nothing. Find ways to use your time (pretty much everyone is making up EC's now - blogging, starting an organization, creating your own project, etc.) even if it doesn't immediately seem like an "official" extra-curricular. As long as it shows that you're still being productive and you can take that initiative to keep doing things and creating your own opportunities. I hope this helped!

11 months ago

Just in case you should see your teacher or guidance counselor and ask him or her that question about SAT/ACT essays. I think if you do poorly on the essay part of the SAT/ACT it might lower your chances of getting into good colleges and the classes you might want to take.

I am a Junior, so I will try and take as much SATs/ACTs as possible so that if I see the score I want, then I would not worry about SAT/ACT.

I hope this helped and good luck on future SATs/ACTs =)

Sorry if it did not...


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