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How can I increase my GPA?

I would ask my counselor this but he never answers my questions, so here I am. I have a 3.95 GPA (according to Collegevine) and I'm wondering if a 4.0 is possible or at least 3.99 by the time I graduate in 2024. Would I have to maintain all A+'s?

edit: I'm also in the pre IB program and will be working towards the IB Diploma. At my school all Letter grades are the same, so 90-100 is just an A, 80-89 is B, and so on and so forth.

@DebaterMAX8 months ago

What scale do you use? 90-100 is an A and all As are equal?

[🎤 AUTHOR]@Diana-Baki8 months ago

all A's are equal

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8 months ago

As @DebaterMAX said, what scale do you use? I'm assuming you use A-, A, and A+ considering that you put "A+" in your question.

It really depends on what class you are taking. I remember being freaked out during freshman year every time my GPA would drop, so I understand the struggle. Now, I am a junior and I'm only taking 3 high school classes this year and 3 next year (since I am part of a dual credit program, the other classes count towards my college GPA, not my high school one).

I took all normal high school classes except 1 AP class and every year I am taking 1 honors class. I ended freshman year with a 3.88 UWGPA, and sophomore year with a 4.0. At the moment I have a 4.0 cumulative GPA. I'm not going to lie, I was surprised at my transcript because I had so many B's and one C throughout the last 2 years. I figured my school uses the system of only letter grades, no + or -. I've also noticed that my school puts each subject twice (once for each semester), and I'm pretty sure it helps in the sense that instead of building on top of a bad grade, I can cover it up instead if that makes sense.

So this doesn't exactly answer your question, but it depends on a lot of things including your scale, course weight, etc. Considering that your GPA is 3.95 right now, it seems that you are getting A's for the most part. Keep that up, it may be frustrating if your GPA doesn't move much this year, but the years will add up and increase. Try your best as much as you can to leave space for tougher times, I kept my grades up and it paid off when my grades fell.

All in all, to keep your GPA up you can take easy classes and stack up easy A's, but this doesn't look impressive to colleges. You can take courses that weigh more (AP, Honors, IB, etc.), and if you get A's in them, fantastic! But your grades can falter a bit and still boost your grade in the end. I suggest trying out some of these courses, don't take too many in one go as the load can be extremely heavy. Look into courses that you can take, research, and pick one's that you can take at the same time and still receive a good grade in (the definition of a good grade depends, but essentially it is a grade that will keep your UWGPA up). You still have a long time to go, but if you have an idea of what field you want to pursue a career in, try taking some courses that lean towards those fields, otherwise, it can be an opportunity for you to explore fields. Just remember that if you really think that you are doing poorly in a class, talk to your counselor about it and see if you can drop the class or switch it out with something else. You can also ask how long you have until the drop date (if there is a final day to drop) to see if you can manage to pick your grade back up before then.

Sorry, I don't have a clear answer, but there are so many options and variables that I could not list. Perhaps you can edit your question to include some of the variables I mentioned above so that I, or someone else, can answer a clearer answer. I really hope this helped, good luck!

8 months ago

The Formula to figure this out for any GPA is the following:

((CurrentGPA)(#Semesters)+(FutureGPA)(#Semesters))/Total Semesters

So if you have a 3.95 and you have 2 semesters of HS grades and you are confident you can get a 4.0 GPA for the next 6 semesters you would plug these numbers into the formula.

((3.95)(2)+(4.00)(6))/8 = 3.9875 GPA by the time you graduate or,

((3.95)(2)+(4.00)(5))/7 = 3.985 GPA by the time you apply to college Winter 2023/2024.

Good luck.

8 months ago

So essentially if you get all As the rest of the Hs careeer you’ll be Golden. There’s no functional difference between a 4.0 and a 3.95. Essentially I’d try to have 10 As for every B. Also all As are equal so if you get a 90.1 in every single class you can still get a 3.95+ GPA. So not A+ but if you want to get it as close as possible to a 4 you need to continue getting As.

Hope this helps and feel free to comment if you’s like clarification as I’d be more than happy to help!


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