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Effects of summer college courses in admission

I am African. So we didn't take AP or honour courses in our school and I had a GPA of 3.76(and a valedictorian). Due to the pandemic, I wasn't able to take SAT but I offered some college courses(related to the major I want to take) in a University, about 8 of them and I had 7 A's and a B.

Will this suffice more the SAT and honours exam I didn't take?

How will it help my chances of entry into say, an IVY league school or MIT?

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Colleges will take into consideration that you weren't able to take AP or honors. I'm sure they'll consider the fact that you went ahead and took college courses since you didn't have the resources to take AP and honors. It will also help a lot since your college courses are related to the major. The downside of this is that most students that get accepted into Ivies already have college courses, Ap's, and all honors. I'm sure the colleges won't deduct you since you weren't able to take honors and AP though.


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