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Would not finishing the financial application for one application hurt your chances for other school?

I applied to Duke-Kunshan and Yale-Nus a while back when asked about it on the Yale and Duke common application. I now, due to unforeseen circumstances, no longer want to attend these schools. I have not finished the financial aid application that these schools have or the citizenship verification. Maybe I'm just being dumb right now but would not completing these hurt my chances at their partner schools, Yale and Duke, or any other schools I applied to?


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3 years ago

Let me understand. You applied to Yale and applied to Duke on the Common App correct.

Then you selected the check box for Yale-NUS on the Yale common app and selected Duke-Kunshan on the Duke common app correct?

But then you said you will apply for financial aid to Yale and you will apply for financial aid to Duke correct?

But now you have a change of heart on applying to Yale-NUS and Duke-Kunshan correct?

And you also have not completed the financial aid forms for Yale and not completed the financial aid form for Duke correct?

Or something else. You wanted financial aid only for Yale-NUS and Duke-Kunshan but not for YALE and DUKE?

So you want to know if Yale and Duke will still consider your application?

And you want to know if other elite schools will consider your application as well?

My suggestion is since there are potentially (4) unique parties here, the 2 Yales, and the 2 Dukes, I would immediately contact all 4 of them since they are all interconnected and interrelated and inform them that you only wish to be considered for Yale, New Haven to the 2 Yale AOs, and the Duke, Durham campus for Duke. And that you want to withdraw your NUS and Kunshan applications. As you already know, it is more often than not if you are qualified for Yale or Duke, but they do not have space for you, rather than waitlisting you, they might accept you into NUS or Kunshan. Or sometimes if they think you are a better fit for Singapore or China, they pull you out of the line at New Haven or Durham, and accept you but reject you at the main campuses. You really don't know whether they prefer you at one place or the other or the third possibility is that you will not make the cut at either of the 4 campuses which is also a realistic outcome since these 4 schools have less than 7% admit rates for Regular Decision historically.

I think it's less likely that Yale or Duke will communicate with the other elite schools you are applying to. However, if your thought process is not to do anything and take your chances, well that may be problematic. I know that I wouldn't do that because you know that the 2 schools are always talking between their AOs to get the best class possible for Yale and Yale-NUS and the same goes for Duke and Duke-Kunshan.

I would also conference with your HS counselor on a call with your parents to discuss the next steps because the more adults who know what's going on the better.

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