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What are the career advantages of a top-ranked engineering program over an unranked public program?

I’m a junior from Eastern Kentucky. I’m planning on majoring in Engineering right now, but I’m not set on any university in particular. I would like to use my engineering degree to start a business in Eastern Kentucky, because the economy is struggling. Right now, I am looking at the University of Kentucky. I’ve always wanted to go there, but their engineering program is not ranked very high. I plan on applying to some higher ranked engineering programs, but of course I have no guarantee of admission and I will need to focus on improving my application if it’s worth it to go there. Will the engineering programs at schools like Georgia Tech, MIT, and Duke better prepare me for my career? Or is the difference small enough that I am better off going to UK, where I know I will enjoy the student groups and culture? I appreciate any feedback.


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Honestly, look at location. Where would you want to live? Going to a higher ranked school will always give job benefits, but at the end of the day, someone with a Michigan State nursing degree and a Harvard nursing degree both have the same education level and degree.


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