8 months ago
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For someone that wants to be an astronomer or astrophysicist, what're some extracurriculars I can do that'll make me stand out amongst other Ivy League applicants?

I already have:

founded/president of the astronomy club at my school

Docent at my local observatory

Astronomy Olympiad

Taking Astronomy courses at my local university in my junior year


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8 months ago

I'm a fan of Dr.Becky who is an astrophysicist at Oxford University.


I think if you created a youtube channel targeted at 12-17-year-olds that covered astronomy in a fun, interesting way with good graphics and backstories, and got some traction to say 10,000 subscribers, that would be a good way to express your passion and be evidence of your intellectual curiousity.

You don't have to invent something new or come up with your own research. But like Dr.Becky make learning fun and interesting and talk about other great inventors and academicians and their work. Maybe you can interview interesting people who are astronomers who will let you experience their day-in-a-life at an Observatory or something like that.

Hope that helps.

8 months ago

I would reccomend you do research at a local college or university. Maybe starting your own astronomy- related non profit could be good too. Your current ec's are pretty great though!


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