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2023:Do colleges take into consideration that some high schools don't offer AP classes until 11th and 10th grade?

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9 months ago

All colleges consider your course rigor in context with what academic opportunities are available to you. So in the extreme case of your HS not making available any APs, they would consider that when evaluating your course rigor. What is most important to admissions officers is not how many APs you take but whether you took full advantage of what was offered to you. So if you are offered 15 APs to chose from and you take say 7-9, that is a very good attempt at challenging yourself within the environment afforded you.

Also, some very elite colleges fully expect you to seek out ECs and academic experiences outside of school or the classroom and show evidence of intellectual curiosity or vitality. Examples of this would be to conduct your own research project, participate in internships, or take dual-enrollment or online college classes at your community college or state college to augment your transcript. If your HS only offers say 10 APs instead of 20+ APs, you can always self-study or take outside courses and sign up for the AP exam.

Hope the is helpful and clear. Good luck.

9 months ago

Yes. All colleges review your transcript in regards to the academic profile of your school. You will be judged purely upon how you take advantage of the classes your school offers.


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