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Hi! What are your opinions on taking the CHSPE?


I'm a current high school junior in California. I attend a rigorous public school that offers many AP courses and IB Courses.

During my sophomore year of high school, I flipped out and messed up my grades which affected by transcript, and I got 3Cs and 2 Bs.

I did take all AP/honors classes, however my school does have a unweighted GPA, which ultimately won't help my case even further.

I wanted to apply to UCBerkeley, but seeing the competitive rate, especially for the political science undergrad major be so low, I am looking for ways and options. I recently found out about the CHSPE Exam, where I could take the California Exit Exam and go to community college for a year/year-half and attend college earlier, as a transfer student.

Should I take the CHSPE Exam and study harder in CC, and then ultimately transfer out to UC schools?

As a junior, I did get all As so far this year, but I don't think that a 3.7 GPA would ultimately lead me to any of the elite top schools in California.



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Is your 3.7 GPA a UC UW GPA or the one reported on the transcript?

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Hello! I had to recheck my GPA, a 3.67 would be the UW GPA on my high school transcript. By taking the CHSPE, I'm aiming for a 4.0 in CCC.

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That link explains that UCs do calculate your GPA on a standardized scale. So you would be better off than you think. But one thing that I would say discourages you from taking community college is transfer admit rate is more or less the some (16 to 22%). Also are you dead set on going to a top-tier public cal school? Because if so look at UCI UCSC and UCD all have good PolSci programs from my aditmedlly limited knowledge about California schools.

Hope this helps and feel free to ask questions for clarification as Id be happy to help.


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