9 months ago
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Is a UC GPA of 3.73 unweighted, 4.09 capped, and 4.18 fully weighted good enough for UCSD, UCI, or UCSB?

Any input would be great

@swazzy.k9 months ago

Are you applying from in-state or out of state?

[🎤 AUTHOR]@vaughn2003149 months ago

In state! California resident all my life, applying from the Bay Area.

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9 months ago

You are in the sweet 50% middle for WeighteGPA and on the low end for Unweighted GPA


Averages GPA (weighted) GPA (unweighted)

Median 4.11 3.89

Middle 25% - 75% 3.96-4.25 3.75-4.00


GPA and test scores of middle 25%-75% students

Weighted High School GPA 4.03 - 4.28


GPA and test scores of middle 25%-75% students

Weighted High School GPA 4.03 - 4.27

Hope that helps, Good luck.

7 months ago

I have a similar gpa to you and got into UCI as a Business Economics major if that helps.

9 months ago

This depends on what major you are trying to get into and what classes you have taken to earn the GPA you currently have. For an out-of-state applicant the avg. GPA required is 3.4 and for in-state, it is 3.0. Based on this fact you could say that you a very good chance of you getting accepted into the schools you have named, but one thing to note would be that these are requirements and not what the avg. GPA's are in these schools. The avg. GPA for each school is much higher than what they recommend for applicants to have. For example, if someone has a 3.8 UW UC CPA, 4.13 W capped, and 4.23 full weight they still might not get into UCSD. This would be because most UC schools are extremely competitive, UCSD's avg. middle 50% is 4.07 according to Prep-Scholar.


Even though some might be above the avg. GPA for a certain UC school is still not enough to get you into the school as they look at your application very thoroughly and holistically. They have a great emphasis on activities that you took part in during high school and what other extra's you did outside of school. As aforementioned, it also depends on what you want to major in within these colleges and what school or state you come from. If you are planning for science and engineering I would try to take more AP and Honors classes to bump up your GPA as this specific field of study usually has a higher avg. GPA as compared to other programs (If you are an underclassman).

If you have outstanding ec's then you can make that up for a slightly lower GPA. UC's mostly use your weighted capped GPA but they will look at your unweighted GPA. (If you have more questions or need clarifications ask down below in the comments).

I only used UCSD as an example because that's where I applied


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