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I'm an international Student and I find it hard expressing my achievements in a way that fit into American standards

Hello, I am in the 11th grade of Highschool in Germany, and because of how the school system here works, I am going to a school that the top third of students get in to, and am in the top 15% of my grade. However, since schools in my state don't offer AP classes, I haven't found a way to express this here in the chancing profile or on the common application. Additionally, I have always been very active at my school, participating in many activities such as teaching young students about media or chaperoning 5th graders on trips, but I don't know how to add things like this to extracurriculars. Any help on how I can properly assess where I stand in relation to other students would be great!

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So unfortunately the chancing profile does not let us put in that we were not offered competitive classes like AP, but you have to remember CollegeVine's chancing is just an estimate, they cannot take all factors into consideration (yet, I hope). Remember that there will be real people looking at your applications, they look for people who take the most rigorous classes that are offered to them. So, you were not offered things like AP classes, but the fact that you are in what is considered a school for the top third of students implies that your courses are harder than the average German student's classes.

Sorry, I can't help you in terms of the Common App since I am an 11th-grade high schooler here in the US, so I haven't gotten around to how the Common App works yet.

In terms of you being an active community member, that all goes under community service. CollegeVine does not ask for the specific activity, but it asks you to input the activity based on "tiers". There are examples and information about each tier in the extracurriculars sections, so find what seems to be the closest to the description of your activity. For example, chaperoning 5th-grade field trips would go under community service, some of the tier options are based on how many hours you have spent in total doing community service.

I hope this helped, good luck!


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