9 months ago
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Do I need to send a college a mid-year report?

I was wondering whether I would still need to send in my mid-year reports to colleges? I know some don't require it and only want a final transcript at the end of the year.

I have looked online for most of my colleges and it says that they don't require it at all.

My schools are:

- Purdue University




- UW Madison

- Penn State (University Park)

- U Pitt

- UIUC (Urbana)

If anyone could answer the question with respect to these schools that would be greatly appreciated. Thanks in advance!


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1 answer

9 months ago

Yes, and they'll let you know-Purdue University

No, just final grades- UCLA

No, just final grades- UCSD

No, just final grades - UCB

Yes, you'll self-report when notified to do so- UW Madison

No, just Final grades- Penn State (University Park)

Yes, and they'll let you know- U Pitt

No, only Final Grades- UIUC (Urbana)

Do I get a Starbuck gift card for doing all this work when you could have easily found this on all their websites. JK


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