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If i am interested in D3 sports, how do I learn more about the schools athletic program?

Junior, on the varsity volleyball team at my school.

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I don't know if you are a man or a woman but here are some links to all the D3 Volleyball teams.



Every college has a sports section on its website. For example here is Occidental College's Women's Volleyball Roster


This is their recruiting page


Here are their stats


Here is their schedule


If you make a list of colleges you want to apply to or get information on, contact the coach on the College's website and start a dialog. If you are a good fit for the school academically and athletically, they will set up a zoom call with you, or invite you to a group zoom call. If you get closer to applying, they will ask you to email them your recruitment form and some youtube videos or other evidence of how well you play volleyball. You might even have an account on MaxPreps or something like that they can look you up on already.

D3 school coaches that advocate for your team members will help you get into that school. However, you will not get athletic scholarships for D3 teams and if there are some exceptions, the amount will very small like a work-study amount.

Hope that is helpful. Good luck.


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