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When should you submit a resume to a college?

I'm just wondering.


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10 months ago

Different college counselors have different opinions.

I'm attaching a link with 9 different answers:


Personally, none of my college applications required a resume, however, a few scholarship applications had a place to upload one optionally.

I think it makes sense to submit one if you are applying to a specialized program like a music school or art school because then you can list in detail all your performances, awards, honors and give context to your spike, or if you are an art student you can in detail list your gallery showings, contests, awards, and commissions where you were paid for your work.

Hope that gives you some insight and perspective.

10 months ago

So I agree with Nurse but wanted to add a few things. A resume generally lets you explain your extracurriculars more in-depth as you can have extra space to explain what you did. But generally, if you just want more space for the sake of it don't. But if you feel you cant acutely explain your extracurriculars in the space provided you should submit a resume assuming the school allows for supplemental materials to be submitted as some schools will not allow it.

Hope this helps and feel free to ask for clarification as Id be happy to help.


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