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As a freshman, should i decide what i want to major in in college?

I'm currently a freshman in high school and I want to know if i should decide now to plan for which courses I need to take for my remaining 3 years. I'm a creative person so I looked into Interior Design and architecture, but I do like getting my hands dirty. I've also looked into Civil engineering, since I think its a good mix. Should I plan my courses according to Civil engineering, or is there a better career?


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Hi there,

Since you are a freshman and still have a bit more than three years until graduation, you do not have to worry about it too much. You mentioned that you are a creative person and you seem to like the idea of interior design, architecture, and civil engineering, it is a good place to start. Obviously, you have time so keep your mind open. Colleges often look for a "spike" in your application, meaning something/or a collection of things that show your interest in an area, so starting now would give you a long time to show dedication and interest, but also go a bit further and explore other career options to find out if there is something that interests you more.

My best friend is interested in interior design, and from what I've heard from her, she did not find any official Interior Design courses at any of the schools she wants to go to. I guess it depends on where you are aiming to go, but now she is leaning towards architecture while interior design courses on the side (or sticking to her alternative major choice of Software Engineering).

So, look around and explore but if you think you have a pretty good idea of what you want to do, take some classes in that area. I'm sure you will hear it a lot, but you have time.

I struggled to find a major that interested me, so I looked at a list of majors from my safety college (the college I knew I had good chances at getting into, and it's close to home) and crossed off things that did not interest me at all from what I found on them. That would give you an idea of your biggest interest as well as smaller interests. Since you are a freshman, obviously take required courses first, then when the time comes you can take courses that really interest you with a few that kind of interest you.

You also asked if there is a better course than Civil Engineering. What 'better' means depends on you. Are you looking for something that makes you happy? Makes good money? Allows you a flexible schedule? There's a lot to consider, make a list of what's important to you in a field of study/career and rank them from most important to least. Research into careers, find articles and resources from people in those fields. Everything is online now, so a bit of digging around will tremendously help you narrow down your interests.

I hope this helped, good luck! And one more time, keep your mind open because you never know when your interests may change (some people even switch majors multiple times more than halfway through their college career).


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