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What can I do to make my application more competitive?

I'm a rising sophomore at a private school in Minnesota. It's known largely for competitive academics and a variety of very competitive sports teams and extracurriculars. I'm wondering what I can do to stand out.

GPA: 3.97

Total AP Classes I'll have taken before graduation: 12

Total Honors Classes I'll have taken before graduation: 5


1. US Outreach Team Member (Menstrual Equity/Women's Empowerment Organization; will likely move into the Director position in coming years)

2. US Chapter Relations Team Member (Climate Justice Organization)

3. State Events/Outreach Co-Lead (Gun Violence Prevention Organization)

4. City Youth Commissioner (Environment Board)

5. State Core Outreach Team Member, Regional Board Member (region as in 10 or so cities around my state's largest city), School Lead (Climate Justice Organization)

6. Speech Team Member (looking to make state sophomore season, likely captain Senior year)

7. Model UN (currently co-captain of a small team, have received a handful of awards)

8. Mock Trial (looking to make Varsity Junior/Senior year, have received a handful of awards)

9. Class Secretary (Student Council)

10. National Math and World Language Honor Societies

12. School Volunteer Group (currently at 147 hours for this year, which qualifies me for the presidential volunteer service award)

Some of these may change throughout the rest of HS, and I might start some more etc. But for now, how would you suggest I improve?


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2 years ago

I would say group your extracurriculars to what your passionate about pursuing and what you love doing. For example for me its science, and sports and i have my extracurriculars revolving around science and sports. For you it may be different. But i would also suggest to study and get a very high SAT or/and ACT scores that'll really blosm your application.

2 years ago

To me it seems you are well off for ECs but you will have to maintain grades and your positions (or get promoted) but it seems at this point its more beneficial to improve your essays not to mention reach out to your favorite colleges admission office and build connections (research yield rates). Junior year is more or less maintaining everything and then you should just before thanksgiving ask for recommendation letters so your teachers arent snowed in with them and can give yours more of their attention

2 years ago

You have all of these ECs as a freshman? If that's the case you're in an absolutely amazing spot and should continue down the path you're going. Based on your ECs it seems like you might be interested in something in politics or law or something similar? My one piece of advice would be that if you're thinking of majoring in something not related to your current ECs you should look for ones that are related to your major and get started on those. Other than that? Awesome work!

2 years ago

Make sure all of your extracurriculars fit a spike or have some common themes. You should try to take some initiative and help some of the organizations you are involved with by coming up with a project to help them. Something that will have a lasting impact on this organization because impact is equally as important as titles. This will demonstrate initiative, leadership and passions


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