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Self Studying for AP Tests

I'm a junior in high school, and want to study Bioinformatics/Computational Biology in college. I want to take AP Psychology, but I don't have the space in my schedule to do it. I heard that colleges don't like to see self-studied APs, especially when the AP is offered at your school (and AP Psychology is offered at mine). Would you recommend I self-study for it or is it "not necessary" because it's not really related to my major?

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3 years ago

It depends. Tbh idk if colleges mind that you self studied but of course you may know better on this one. This AP isn't related as much to your dream job ig so it's ok not to take it. However, if your school does offer many other APs, I'd recommend taking at least around 3/4 to prove you have a rigorous schedule and you're trying to learn more. Obv, try to take the APs that surround the job you want, so things around Biology. And since you don't have the time, DONT DO IT. The rule of the thumb is take APs you can get a A-B in but since you are already packed, I'd say passing on this one. Also, kind of a sidenote, if you think you can handle the load and get a good grade, I'd suggest taking it. Hope this helped!

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