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Good colleges for engineering?

Hi, I'm a freshman and I'm leaning towards civil engineering. Are there any good colleges that aren't Ivy's that guarantee me success in the field that isn't on collegevine? They added more colleges into the list (which I'm excited about) but I'm wondering if there is any that isn't mentioned.

@RebekahL9 months ago [edited]

I'm not sure if it would be much help because Collegevine basically has every college, and I don't know what colleges you have already. Or do you want any non-Ivy League college?

@DebaterMAX9 months ago

I think OP means on the best engineering schools list that is almost all pure selective schools.

@DebaterMAX9 months ago

Also what area of the country do you want? public/private? rural collegetown city?

[🎤 AUTHOR]@Diana-Baki9 months ago

Anything up north basically, near New York

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9 months ago

So using CVs school search the ones that came up when I picked New England states civil engineering and moderate diversity and up are



George Mason

George Washington


Manhattan College



Old Dominion

Rutgers NB




SUNY Stony Brook



Uni Maryland

UMASS Lowell


I hope these help! Feel free to ask questions if you'd like clarification.

9 months ago[edited]

I think the best way to kind of see what schools would fit you is actually on the college vine app. I know you said not on this, however I do think most of the colleges are on here already tbh. If you'd like to check on college vine, go to schools and click the Find Schools on the dropdown menu. There should be a whole bunch of schools divided into 6 sections based upon your qualifications. On the left hand side(on the computer at least), there's a filter by option. Type which major you are interested in, civil engineering, and it should reorder the schools to match that. Hope this helps!

9 months ago

I love to look at the Department of Education's Scorecard Data. The Pell Grant recipients who majored in Civil Engineering and had median first year earnings of over $65k had degrees from:

Stevens Institute of Technology $72,700

Santa Clara University $72,500

San Jose State University $72,100

University of Southern California $71,500

University of Notre Dame $69,200

Cal Poly San Luis Obispo $68,100

University of the Pacific $68,100

California Baptist University $67,500

Cornell University $67,100

University of Virginia $66,500

New York University $66,400

Manhattan College $66,100

UC Berkeley $66,000

RPI $66,000

Columbia $66,000


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