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How can i study filmmaking at harvard ?

I'm a student from Tunisia and i plan to study film making in the USA , especially harvard , so is it possible ?

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9 months ago

No, it's not possible since Harvard does not teach film to undergraduates. Harvard has a film program but it's only available as a Graduate student leading to a Ph.D. Currently, because of COVID-19, their Graduate Program in the film school is paused meaning shut down. The next admit cycle to the Ph.D. program is 12/2021 for the 2022 Fall Admissions.


Why wouldn't you pick a college that has a great film school like NYU or USC or UCLA or Columbia or the American Film Institute.

And those are super hard to get into so you can still get a great filmmaking education at

Syracuse, Pratt, SF State, ART CENTER Pasadena, Florida State, RISD, Ringling College, Wesleyan, DePaul, Chapman, Cal Arts, and LMU.

If you actually research the best filmmakers in the US and lookup up where they went to school, most of them are represented in the schools I have suggested to you.

Harvard is one of the best liberal arts colleges in the world for undergrad but NO aspiring filmmaker would hone his craft or find his people there.


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