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Is it okay to have less AP Classes if I am doing Community College Courses?

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I am in an early college program where I am doing college classes on track to get AS degree. This means that instead of taking AP Gov at school, I took at the community college, and instead of AP Bio, I did Bio 1 (core bio). Would this look good to colleges even with a lack of AP Classes?


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This depends on the types of colleges you apply to. In general, they'll be weighted similarly; however, if you plan on applying to particularly competitive colleges (like ones in the top 30 on US News), they tend to view AP classes more favorably than dual enrollment (they consider dual enrollment classes to be more or less honors level). The reason for this is that AP classes are nationally standardized; they know the curriculum and what is typically being taught. Dual enrollment classes are up to your community college instructor and can vary pretty significantly in rigor and level.

The main difference for you though might be how you have to apply. If you get an Associates Degree through an early college program and are aiming to apply to four-year colleges, you'll likely have to apply as a transfer student, which can make admissions more difficult overall. It can be worth it if you want to shorten your time (and the amount of money you have to spend!) at the four-year college, but it may be harder to get in especially to really competitive ones.

You get the AS degree, but since it isn't given before application time, I apply as a freshman with some "special benefits" (ie two-three years for graduation instead of four-five)
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Yup- in most colleges eyes, AP classes and dual enrollment at a community college are seen as equivalents, although sometimes they won't give you credit, they'll take your course difficulty into account

yep, they're weighed the same. i take ap and dual-enrollment at a 4-year university and they are weighed the same on my transcript.