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How Can I Get a High SAT Score?

Hi! I'm a junior and will be taking the SAT this spring. I received a score of 1260 on the PSAT I took in the fall, which doesn't put my projected score as high as I'd like it to be. I was wondering if anyone had specific advice on improving my score? I use Khan Academy but I feel like I'll perform differently in a timed environment.

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I have 2 different approaches.

1.) SAT approach - For improving SAT, I used the Official SAT guide with practice tests, all the College Panda books, the Erica Meltzer book for Reading, and Dr.Chung's book for Math. I personally got nothing useful from Barrons, Princeton Review, or the Black Book. After I couldnt' attain a 1500+ SAT score at a test center, I switched to the ACT. But I highly recommend you take an ACT practice test before you waste 250 hours trying to master the SAT. Some people can do it, I hit a wall.

2.) ACT approach - I used the Office ACT prep books from ACT.org (2019/20, and 2020/21), I used for the Love of ACT Science, College Panda Math Books and Practice Tests and also SuperTutorTv's the Best ACT Prep Course.





SuperTutorTV in the end was cheaper than buying all those other test books and paying for 2 SAT tests and all the time I used to study. I just took the online course and put about 100 hours into it and got straight 35s across all 4 categories. If someone had told me to do that first, I would have jumped on it. In hindsight, so many people struggle with the SAT and find the ACT more straightforward. There is a certain type of student for which the SAT works best. In my opinion, those are the naturally gifted geniuses or "the grinders" that stay up to 2 AM all through HS. For those individuals, failure is not an option, and hell or high water they will get a 1500+ score.

I learned the hard way that I'm neither. I have to have it broken down to me in a measured, easy to understand learning method, and then I need to practice the techniques like a novice piano player trying to learn a song by playing it over and over and over. Sure no one wants to spend $300 on a course but in the end, it was a bargain compared to going to Stanley Kaplan or Princeton Review or any of the other online programs which will set your parents back $1000-$3500. Right now you can sign up for free for 5 days and cancel if you don't like it.

Good luck and hope you don't' end up spending hundreds of hours on a test that is not a good fit for you.


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