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What should I include on a Letter of Continued Interest after getting deferred?

Deferred from Georgia Tech EA2 (Major: electrical and computer engineering).

I have an activity I've done since but it doesn't relate to my major (I got a volunteer training role with the Eliza Orlins for Manhattan DA campaign) so I'm conflicted on whether to include it. Also, am I supposed to reiterate interest?


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9 months ago

From what I know from my counselor, a letter of continued interest can contain anything that you have done since your submission for that college (obviously it should be substantial which volunteering is) so I would include it. It doesn't matter if it isn't related to your major in my opinion because it shows that you have a different interest.

Yeah, you are supposed to say that you are still interested. But don't be like I will definitely go there if you accept me because you should have done ED if that is the case (I am not sure if Georgia Tech has ED but if it does then you definitely should not say I will definitely go there if you drop my deference and accept me).


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