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What are the film making colleges that are most likely to accept foreign students

I am a Tunisian student , and i have a really good gpa(4,31) and I want to study film making in the US with a scholarship, so what is the college that I can get in

@RebekahL11 months ago

Have you had any in mind? What are you looking for other than Film and diversity? Or is that all you need?

[🎤 AUTHOR]@Baha_Merdassi11 months ago [edited]

Well, for the moment, I think film is all i need

@RebekahL11 months ago [edited]

Okay, I am researching, but I can't find something that will help. I will leave it to someone else to attempt to answer, if no response, I will give it a shot.

[🎤 AUTHOR]@Baha_Merdassi11 months ago

Okay ,thank you , I really appreciate that

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11 months ago

All the film schools I previously mention accept international students. In fact, all American colleges accept International Students regardless of what they study.

The only hurdle for most International Students is the ability to pay since only the very best colleges like the Ivy League and other Elite colleges (say top 10-15 only) give out generous financial aid to international students. There are some lesser rigorous colleges that give out financial aid but you have to research those on your own and determined whether they have good film-making schools.

Here is an article about FinAid and Int'l Students




You mentioned Syracuse. My dad went there undergraduate college and there were many Intl students there. Thousands in fact. It's a very good university with a great film school.




Good Luck.


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