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*PLS HELP* What step should I take now in my college process?

I was recently notified that I have been deferred in the early action round of the college to which I had applied. On college vine, this school was a safety for me and my credentials- why is the reality something else?

I have heard that a deferred is basically a "denial to come"- is this really true and are there still chances for me at this school? The overall acceptance rate is 54% if that is helpful in any way.

What should I include in my essay for the deferral and what main points should I touch on. I am planning on sending my senior year grades thus far and other things that I have recently been part of, is there anything else that I should include or should not include that may overwhelm the admissions officer?

Should I also send in my other letter of recs by other teachers?

Please give a detailed response, that would be greatly appreciated- thanks in advance.


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There are a handful of reasons why a student is deferred. Sometimes a school needs to make a decision about your application in the regular decision pool because they are considering their institutional needs, like building a well-rounded class comprised of students from varying backgrounds. Sometimes a school suspects it is being used as a safety and will defer or reject someone it feels will get into a better school. This is especially true when there's been no demonstrated interest.

But no matter why you were deferred, a deferral is not a rejection! The school still believes you might be a strong candidate. Find out what the college needs from you now. Read your deferral notification and make note of any instructions that your college provides. Some colleges might request specific information, like an updated grade report. Other colleges might encourage students to submit additional materials like recommendation letters. Most schools allow students to submit a letter continued interest, which details why you are still interested in attending this school and updates the school with any new accomplishments. Some schools have a form or online system that you’ll be required to use to respond to your deferral. Often, however, you’ll simply write a formal email followed up by post. Here’s a blog that outlines what a letter of continued interest is and how to write one: https://blog.collegevine.com/deferred-or-waitlisted-tips-for-writing-a-letter-of-continued-interest/

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I've also been deferred from one of my safeties and also my dream school. Here what I did:

1. Calm down- Being deferred isn't necessarily bad. It means that they would like to review your application a second time. A common reason is that they would like to see your midyear grades to see the trend in your grades. Just relax.

2. Focus on your other applications- This is pretty straightforward. I would help to continue working on your other applications to leave your options open.

3. Start writing a letter of continued interest- This letter is written to show the school that you are still interested in them even though you were deferred.

4. Fill in the updates form- Some schools share an updates form, detailing your midyear grades and other things that have happened after you submitted your application.

5. Pray and manifest- Pray or do any good luck rituals you have to increase your chances of being admitted. You don't have to do it though if you're not religious or spiritual.

Here a link on writing a letter of continued interest:


Hope this helps.

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Deferred applications aren't a sign that you shouldn't come or worry about the college anymore. A thing to remember when applying Early Action/ Decision is that you can always be moved to the Regular Decision pool if your application needs the extra time. Wait and see.

If you are rejected and really want to go to this college wait until the next admissions cycle or send a letter asking them to reconsider their decision. If that happens, don't sit around and wait. Look up the school's Common Data Set and see where your current SAT/ ACT scores lie with the rest of the school, do a major project, improve your ecs. Apply to a local community college and wait to apply as a transfer. Getting a rejection letter doesn't mean you can't go to that school.


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