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Future College Tips for Sophomores

I'm a sophomore and want to know if there are things that I can do now so that in the future I have a greater chance of getting accepted to a university. Is there any tips for taking the ACT and SAT? Any help is appreciated.

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11 months ago

Just be involved in your community in whatever way possible. Think high school as the transition into adulthood because in that sense, you are preparing yourself to find what you want to do in life. Knowing this, do extracurriculars to expose you more towards your passions because your passions will influence your major choice in the future. Maybe this is sounding too philosophical so TLDR, just do extracurriculars whether it is volunteering, college classes, whatever. Anything you do that leads to personal growth will make colleges like you better than you doing nothing.

For the SAT, since I only have taken the SAT so I can't say anything about the ACT, wait until junior year to take it so that your high school classes will continue to prepare you for the material on it. Also when you are taking the test, DOUBT every answer choice you have on the english. Make sure you can support it with evidence because if you can't the answer is wrong. At least, that is how I manage to solve questions where two choices seem correct.


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