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I'm a freshman and I'm looking for tips for the ACT and SAT. Any good books or other things to study?

I have already taken the ACT and the SAT and I got relatively the same score, but I'd like to bring up my score at least 6 points on the ACT and 450 on the SAT. Does anyone know any good websites, books, or videos that would help me prepare for the exams, specifically in math?

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9 months ago

I have taken the SAT so I can mostly speak for the SAT. I would recommend waiting until you are a junior to take the ACT and SAT again. The math and english and even science classes that you will take throughout high school will STRONGLY help in the SAT. For example, lets say that you don't know what probability or standard deviation is. That will be taught in algebra 2. In your junior year, buy College panda for math and Erica Meltzer for english. I know some people here might disagree and have other books but they helped raise my score by about 200. Also, I feel like colleges care more about the SAT when it is closer to your graduation than when you just started high school but I am not sure if that is true so don't take this statement as fact.

9 months ago

go to this site https://www.khanacademy.org/SAT it is a great place to prepare and study for SATs and it's completely free. You choose your date and your schedule when you want to study. It has practical problems that are very similar to how SATs really are. Go check it out!!!


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