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Does UMich's RD hard to get in?


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a year ago

I heard that they deferred everyone. One of my friends was deferred today.

a year ago

The University of Michigan is one of the harder public research universities to get into.

Class of 2024 admit rate for Regular decision was 26.1% (16974/65021), Median GPA 3.90, and SAT 50% middle 1380-1550, ACT 50% 32-35.

Class of 2023 admit rate for Regular decision was 22.9% (14883/64972), Median GPA 3.90, and SAT 50% middle 1380-1540, ACT 50% 32-35.

Keep in mind that it's about 3-5% harder to get into if you are applying out-of-state as well.

Tomorrow is the Decision Date for UMichigan Early Action so you will be able to tell from the admit stats if they got a lot of applications and what the forecast for RD is going to be. My guess is that they got 20%+ more applications and the admit rates are down. This means if you apply it will be harder than previous cycles. Maybe RD admits rates will be in the sub 20% range this year at U Mich.

Good luck.


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