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What is Net Price & Desired Price On CollegeVine Advocate

First time using College Advocate & really hoping that it can make a difference in talking with my top 2 Colleges (NSU/Nova Southeastern & FAU/Florida Atlantic University) because I really trying not to be in debt but you know its hard but I need to make a decison ASAP before May 1st, sorry for rambling just really worried & confused on what it means for Net Price when entering in the Colleges's Acceptance Letter & Aid Information

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2 years ago

Hey there @MemeQueen! When uploading documents to Advocate, you are asked to enter your "desired cost" -- this is the one-year out-of-pocket expense you are hoping a given school will offer you. For example, your desired cost at Northeastern could be $18,000 per year. You are not asked to enter a net cost; we extract this from your uploaded aid letters automatically.

Knowing your desired cost is helpful in communicating directly with the admissions and financial aid office at colleges. It helps you be transparent about what works for you, allowing the schools to do everything possible to help you. I hope this helps, best of luck!


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