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What do i do if i don't have friends at any College am i always gonna have friends you think?

Hi My Name is [removed] and i am thinking about going to College but i don't know is College good for me you think and am i ever gonna have friends or whatever and i am still Discovering if i want to go to College or not but i think that College is a good place for me to hangout with friends and walk around with my friends to my classes that i will have if i go here or not? but Thank You for letting me Text you about my question or whatever but Thank you so Much

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First, it's great that you are starting to think about college! Going to college is a great decision for many students, but definitely not for everybody. It all depends on what your goals are.

If your goals include continuing your education and getting a degree (bachelors or associates) to help you in a career, then a 4-year or 2-year college could be a great options for you! Growing personally and meeting new friends is often a part of the college experience for many students. As long as you're open to meeting a few new people (or many!) you will probably be able to make new friends.

That being said, if your goal is just to hang out with friends, college can be really expensive way to do that. There might be better options for you to consider, like going straight into the workforce and getting a job after high school!

If you decide college is what you want to do, it's important to find a college that's a good fit for you. You'll want to be at a school that has the major(s) you are interested in, high graduation rates (because you'll likely want to finish college and not drop out), and a community you can see yourself being a part of.

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First things first, don't go to a college because your friends are going to it. Try to find a major that interests you, if you are especially passionate about a class, hobby, or job go and find a major that applies to it. If you are uncertain about your major you can always go in as undecided, or switch your major. Of course this isn't ideal but it is a start. If you do find a major, look for what colleges in that field are the top rated. Compare your SAT and GPA to the average that is accepted. and always be mindful of the acceptance rate before you apply. It recommended that if you do have a friend that is going to college, do not room with them. It's great that you have someone to fall back on. Most colleges have a personality quiz that will set you up with a compatible roommate. If college isn't your thing, apply for an internship which will help with work experience and potentially a job. As long as you are confident you will find friends, so that shouldn't be part of your decision making.

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