6 months ago
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Does anyone have any ideas on what kind of blog I should start (health-related and would make my college app stand out)?

Hi!, So someone on Collegevine gave me this great idea to start health related blog on health/medicine that's informational, non-profit, and so on but my current problem is that there are a lot of blogs/websites out there, so I needed help finding out what I could add to my soon-to-be blog that would make me not only different from other blogs but would also stand out on my college applications.

Thank you in advance!


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5 months ago

I think I was the one who answered your question so when I gave that answer, I was thinking about a normal health blog. Try to start your blog first before worrying about how to differentiate it so that you get used to how a blog works. If you need a web designer ask a friend to help make it. Maybe try to interview some medical professionals and input the transcript onto your blog. Or wait you can even record a conversation with them. If you aren't too afraid to do this, you can even share your blog in your school newspaper or something. You can also try to create graphics that detail various concepts like vaccinations or diseases. Maybe try to post opportunities on your blog that people can look at if they want to pursue a medical profession.

5 months ago

I think you should talk about current things like the impact covid has had on survivors, test effectiveness and vaccines and what makes them effective in our modern era


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