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Humanities spike

I'm into the humanities, especially cultures, writing, and politics/debate. There are noticeably less opportunities and ways to create a spike in this area. What are some ways I can craft a spike in this area?


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10 months ago[edited]

It depends on what grade you are. If you are a Freshmen, wait until your Sophomore year to apply to stuff like the Telluride Summer Association Program. Until then, participate in writing contests whether they be local or national. The Scholastic Art and Writing Awards is one such writing contest. Also, look into either founding a school newspaper/ writing for it. Try to take AP/ Honors/ IB classes in English, and try to fill in an extra slot in your academic schedule to take 2 or more English classes. Write journalism pieces and pitch them to publishers to get published. Look into Literature clubs nearby or start your own. I recommend the Great Jewish Books program if you want to spend a few days of your summer reading and discussing Jewish books.

Developing a spike does take some time, so be aware of that. But also be aware of the day-to-day opportunities that come your way. Random opportunities can further develop your spike and may even be prestigious. So keep an eye out for them.


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