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What are the colleges should I apply for my masters?

I have a gre score of 317 and Toefl score of 89 . In my under graduation i secured 2.8 Gpa in Electrical and Electronics Engineering with a history of 12 backlogs .what are the colleges should I apply for masters in computer engineering?

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@rayne.rose8 months ago

I gotta clarify this, college vine (to my knowledge) is full of high schoolers who know nothing about Graduate admissions.

@DebaterMAX8 months ago

Same. Google is your friend. CV is solely dedicated to undergrad

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8 months ago

Hi, CollegeVine is a portal for High School students, not college students trying to apply to Grad School.

The primary focus is to help high school students get into college as freshmen. There are some resources on here like the Q&A to help some students transfer into Undergrad but 99% of the content on here is targeted to those wanting to attend college for the first time.

Good luck. Here are some links that might help you.






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